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Axis XP40-Q1942 ATEX - 01099-001

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Axis XP40-Q1942 ATEX. Soort: IP-beveiligingscamera, Ondersteunde talen: Vereenvoudigd Chinees, Traditioneel Chinees, Duits, Engels, Spaans, Frans, Italiaans, Japans,.... Vormfactor: Rond, Kleur van het product: Roestvrijstaal, Veiligheidsfunties: Explosiebestendig. Maximum resolutie: 800 x 600 Pixels, Videocompressieformaten: H.264,M-JPEG,MPEG4, Type sterkteregeling: Auto. Kijkhoek, horizontaal: 32°, Hoek schuine stand bereik: -90 - 90°, Draai-snelheid: 24 °/sec. Type beeldsensor: Microbolometer

XP40-Q1942 Explosion-Protected Thermal Network Camera

XP40-Q1942 Explosion-Protected PT Thermal Network Camera helps you monitor employee safety and detect the unauthorized individuals in hazardous areas. With its heavy-duty stainless-steel housing, XF40-Q1942 is certified for explosion-prone applications.

Far + wide + sharp = accurate

XP40-Q1942 provides outstanding detection capabilities and fast and easy visual verification of the nature of detected events in order to enhance safety in restricted areas. A combination of 360° pan and 90° tilt capabilities and VGA 640x480 thermal resolution means that a single camera can capture events taking place in a large area and at great distance. In addition, thanks to a combination of dynamic histogram equalization, enhanced local contrast and dynamic sharpening, XP40-Q1942 improves image contrast for sharp video with great detail in all conditions. Typical applications include detection of people in restricted areas and safety of personnel in hazardous areas. Electronic image stabilization keeps the picture smooth even when the camera is exposed to vibrations. And shock-detection functionality is included as well.

The Axis difference

Like all Axis products, XP40-Q1942 supports advanced analytics solutions, from our partners, so it can be easily integrated into your production system. You can use it to monitor production efficiency as well as to visually inspect processes and verify that they’re running smoothly. The camera can also be integrated with other systems such as your access control or fire-alarm systems to provide visual verification of events.

Hazard-certified worldwide

XP40-Q1942 is certified worldwide for use in hazardous explosion-prone applications. For example, it’s ATEX, IECEx and UL certified. Its electropolished stainless steel enclosure contains explosions and prevents sparks from igniting vapors, gases, dust, or fibers in the surrounding environment. The UL certified models, XP40-Q1942 -50 C UL and XP40-Q1942 -50 C 110 V UL, offer two 3/4" NPT conduit entries, while XP40-Q1942 and XP40-Q1942 -60 C models offer one M25 conduit entry. The UL certified models are available with either 24 V AC or 110 V AC power input. For more information, check the product specific datasheet.


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