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Cooler Master Notepal Maker - MNZ-SMTE-20FY-R1

Productcode: MNZ-SMTE-20FY-R1 | EAN: 4719512051641

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Productomschrijving Cooler Master Notepal Maker

Cooler Master MNZ-SMTE-20FY-R1. Maximumafmetingen schermcompatibiliteit: 43,2 cm (17"), Aantal ingebouwde ventilatoren voor koeling: 2 stuk(s), Ventilator diameter: 8 cm. Kleur van het product: Zwart, Zilver, Materiaal: Aluminium, Metaal, Kunststof. USB-versie: 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1), Hostinterface: USB. Ingangsspanning: 5 V. Gewicht: 1,27 kg, Breedte verpakking: 548 mm, Hoogte verpakking: 474 mm

What's Your Angle?
Here are the more than 100 laptop cooling pads and stands Cooler Master has developed over the years condensed into a single, unified form. Each iteration of the MasterNotepal Series is modular, allowing you to build a desktop fortress of USB devices, strip it down to a thin aluminum surface for the couch, or position your laptop at whatever angle you deem perfect for reading at the café. Adjust to your ideals.

MasterNotepal fundamentals
excellent material for rapid heat dissipation

choose between an ergonomically proven 8° viewing angle with the base model or several others with Pro and Maker models

clip to any position for targeting hotspots

expands functionality and versatility

The ultimate desktop station, adding five additional viewing and typing angles via the detachable base. The flat base station also feels great on your lap. Two rubber stoppers protect desk denizens and nomads alike.

Choose Your Angle
The MasterNotepal Series has condensed all of our experience and your feedback into a truly versatile stand. Each piece of the MasterNotepal is modular with a focus on customization in mind. From the base-level ergonomic, aluminum body to each additional part, mold the stand into the shape that works best for you. A fully functional desk setup complete with keyboard, monitors and external drives can be stripped down in seconds to a single aluminum surface that rests on your lap. For on-the-go customization, wrap the USB hub in our rubber sleeve and it becomes a portable stand to prop up your laptop on the plane or at a café, while still working as a hub.

The MasterNotepal rests on a single, sandblasted surface of high-quality aluminum, a light material excellent for dissipating heat away from the laptop. We rested that surface on a wide, rubber-mounted stand at an ergonomically tested angle of 8°, keeping wrists free from strain. Like with desktops, we wanted a targeted approach to cooling so we created two silent 80mm fans that clip anywhere for targeting hotspots and dropping internal temperatures.

Rather than have your laptop look like an octopus of wires and external devices, use the MasterNotepal Pro's portable USB hub, positioned underneath the aluminum surface, to keep cables conveniently organized. Slide out the hub and wrap it in our rubber sleeve to turn it into a portable bar that can be used to prop up your laptop wherever you go.

Desktop station warriors who require different angles for viewing and typing will truly appreciate the MasterNotepal Maker's detachable base station. Five different viewing angles and two rubber stoppers cover desk denizens and nomads alike, giving you greater flexibility whether you're in the study, at the office or on the couch.


Cooler Master Notepal Maker - MNZ-SMTE-20FY-R1 specificaties

Fabrikantcode MNZ-SMTE-20FY-R1
EAN 4719512051641
Merk Cooler Master
Artikelnummer CLM-MNZSMTE20FYR1
Hoek schuine stand -8 - 8°
Ingebouwde luidsprekers Nee
Logistieke gegevens
Hoeveelheid per omdoos 24 stuk(s)
Poorten & interfaces
USB-versie 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1)
Hostinterface USB
Aantal USB-aansluitingen 5
Ethernet LAN Nee
USB-versie 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1)
Materiaal Aluminium, Metaal, Kunststof
Kleur van het product Zwart, Zilver
Inhoud van de verpakking
Meegeleverde kabels USB
Technische details
Maximumafmetingen schermcompatibiliteit 43,2 cm (17")
Breedte van de verpakking 548 mm
Lengte van de verpakking 34,1 cm
Hoogte van de verpakking 474 mm
Aantal ingebouwde ventilatoren voor koeling 2 stuk(s)
Ventilator diameter 8 cm
Geluidsniveau 27,24 dB
Ventilator performance 15,42 cfm
Rotatiesnelheid 2000 RPM
Maximum luchtdruk 0,85 mmH2O
Gewicht en omvang
Afmetingen (BxDxH) 384,6 x 59,6 x 270 mm
Gewicht 1,27 kg
Stroomvoorziening via USB Ja
Ingangsspanning 5 V
Kleur product Zwart, Zilver

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Cooler Master Notepal Maker - MNZ-SMTE-20FY-R1
excl. btw  51,- incl. btw  61,71

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Cooler Master Notepal Maker - MNZ-SMTE-20FY-R1

excl. btw  51,- incl. btw  61,71

Niet op voorraad